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Thesis Film





By Rachel Lee

CG Animated Short Film coming May 2023

Two powerful cybernetic android girlfriends defend themselves against a mecha cat infected with X, a digital virus aiming for world domination.

Full Film

Password: x-rachellee-2023


X is a sci-fi anime themed short film about androids infected with a digital virus called ‘X’. Taking place at a cyber metropolis in the night sky, a cat-like android controlled by X fights Kari, an agile bodyguard android. Meanwhile, her partner in crime and electric type android, Connie, senses Kari is in danger and breezes through the night sky to help her. While Kari is defending herself from X, Connie arrives at the scene, and the distracted Kari gets blasted by the virus. Grieving and desperate, Connie has one trick up her sleeve: the Electric Pill that awakens her powers. After she ingests it, her electric roots burst from her head and absorb all surrounding energies for her final blow.

Shot Breakdowns


I used Zbrush and Maya for sculpting and modeling characters, rigging using Advanced Skeleton for Maya, Substance Painter for texturing, Unreal Engine 5 for set dressing, lighting, and rendering, and finally Nuke, Photoshop, and After Effects for Compositing.

Proof of Concept




Character Designs